“Providing Quality Service and Exceptional Expertise”

For over 30 years, Ron DiCrescenzo, CPA has been serving the South Florida region.  By providing quality accounting services with exceptional expertise, DiCrescenzo and Company sets themselves apart from other firms.

Common Interest Realty Associations
When it comes down to it, your greatest investment may be your home.  With that said, having a professional furnish the right advice and conduct an audit in accordance with Florida Statutes only makes sense.  Many firms offer CIRA audits, but what sets us apart from the rest is our 30+ years of experience and expertise! We also understand that in today’s market, price does matter.  This is why we produce a quality audit at a competitive price.  We work hard with our clients to produce reliable work in a timely manner.  But don’t take our word; here is one of many testimonials from our clients:

“This is why we highly recommend Mr. DiCrescenzo’s office.  You have fast, thorough turn-around and you’re very efficient.  We love that.  Thanks...” -Sharon J.D., Accounting Supervisor

The Construction Industry is always changing, and many of our clients undergo several stages of production. DiCrescenzo and Company works hard to understand the current economic environment and what is in the best interest of our clients so that we can better serve them.  Whether it is helping a client get a loan or to comply with State Statutes, we work hard to form lasting relationships as your trusted advisors.

Not-for-Profits and Government
These audits require experienced knowledge and compliance with certain mandates.  DiCrescenzo and Company’s trained staff has the knowledge to ensure that your Not-for-Profit and Governmental Audits are properly executed.

Forensic Accounting, Fraud Management and Prevention
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure” -Benjamin Franklin.  Our staff is ready to work on coming up with solutions to help avoid costly mistakes.

Investigative Accounting
DiCrescenzo and Company has the expertise to help solve your toughest problems.  We understand that no cases or situations are alike, which is why our experienced professionals will work with you to fully understand what is in your best interest.  Whether you need an expert witness, or a consultant to Counsel during trial, mediation or arbitration...we will help your organization.

Sounds taxing...but not really!  We provide Planning and Consulting services, as well as preparation of Personal, Trust, Estate, Corporate, S-Corp, Partnership and others.

Also, ask us about our other services, such as Payroll, Controllership and Miscellaneous Accounting.

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